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NPS, which is short for Nikon Professional Services, is a Nikon organisation designed solely to assist qualified full-time professional photographers or videographers who earn their living using Nikon equipment by providing them with valuable assistance in various fields.

NPS currently operates in approximately 30 countries and regions across the globe with the primary function of providing equipment maintenance, repair services and on-site support for professional photographers working at international events.

Through NPS Malaysia, our members enjoy a wide range of professional services covering their imaging needs, from image sensor cleaning services to expedited equipment repair, discounts on workshops and many other exclusive privileges. Our program aims to support professional photographers in their careers while fostering mutual trust with professional photographers. This relationship, built on mutual trust, is a cornerstone of Nikon, creating a cycle of information and respect that pushes both Nikon and NPS members to new levels of excellence.

Find out more about NPS membership requirements and register right away. We look forward to welcoming you to the NPS family.

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